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  1. Elgato Heavy Clamp G型夾
  2. Elgato Cold Shoe 冷靴
  3. Elgato Wall Mount 掛牆支架
  4. Heavy Base 鋼製底盤
  5. Elgato Solid Arm 鏡頭支架
  6. Elgato Master Mount S 基本伸縮支架
  7. Elgato Mic Arm LP 矮版麥克風懸臂支架
  8. Mic Arm 麥克風支架
  9. Wave Extension Rods 麥克風延長桿
  10. Elgato Wave Shock Mount 懸掛式防震架
  11. Elgato Phone Grip 手機夾